Shamanic Classes 2020

Shamanic Classes - Angela Hart, Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher Huntsville

Andean Path Online Class 2020 - coming soon!  The online class will replace the in-person class that is posted below.  One great thing is that with the online class you can pay in full or pay as you go.  The class will be in one hour to two hour increments at $25 each.  All classes will be recorded so you can go at your own pace.  And, you can check in with me for questions by phone, facebook or email.  Please contact me if you are interested.  More details on payment options will be posted soon. In the meantime, please read the class description below.

Andean Path - Inka Wisdom Class - Beginners & Advanced

Angela Hart - Shamanic Practitioner/Shamanic Teacher

Date: TBA 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 

Andean Path Class Description: We understand how to feed our physical body and eliminate waste, but do we understand how to feed our energy body and eliminate waste?  We will go out in nature and use ancient practices to fuel our energy body and eliminate hoocha (heavy energy).  This class clearly explains the world of living energy as it relates to our energy body from the unique Q'ero point of view.  It defines the difference between light energy & heavy energy (Sami & Hoocha).  Ancient practices will be shown such as how to consume & contain living energy from nature in our energy body.  These practices will help us build personal power so we heal ourselves and create the kind of life we desire. Then we can teach others how to do the same.  We will explore the ancient path & prophecies of Inka Wisdom.  What is possible for the human race to achieve on this planet & how can we make that happen?  It is truly a path that builds personal power and brings healing for ourselves and for the planet.  It is a path to practice playfulness & joy!  If you love nature and you are wanting a deeper connection & a powerful partner to work with, you will love this path!  Being out in nature, connecting with these forces and integrating them into your body with these ancient practices feeds your energy body and gives you power & fuel to accomplish what you want & need in life.  

You will learn:

  • Cosmovision & Prophecy - Explanation
  • Structure of Inka Wisdom - 7 Levels, 7 Energy Principals, & 7 Eyes
  • Law of Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity
  • You will learn how to "push the Kawsay Pacha" (world of living energy) 
  • You will learn how pushing the Kawsay Pacha empowers you and removes heavy energy
  • You will learn how to build a Mesa Bag (medicine bag), the power of it, and how to use it for healing
  • Yanantin/Masintin - Harmonious relationship between opposites & similars
  • Right & Left hand paths
  • Qarpay- Initiation & Transmission

  • Day One
  • Everything is Living Energy (Kawsay Pacha) and is connected. The following ancient practices will help us understand how to be a channel for these powerful beings.
  • Inka Philosophy 
  • Discover your own Paqarina (nature mother), Itu Apu (nature father) & Guiding Star
  • The Law of Ayni - Sacred Exchange - Reciprocity - Learn how to move & channel living energy with our intention
  • Saminchakuy - Receiving Sami from Father Cosmos and offering our heavy energy (hoocha) to Mother Earth
  • Saywaychakuy - receiving light energy (sami) from Mother Earth and offering to the Father Cosmos
  • The Inka energy system in your body - Energy Eyes & Energy Belts
  • We will go outside to explore & experience the Living Energies of Nature
  • Opening the Tail Eye - Water
  • Opening the Qosqo - Belly Eye - Earth
  • Hoocha Mikuy (Eating Hoocha)
  • Opening the Heart Eye - Fire
  • Finding powerful Kuyas for your Mesa Bag (Medicine Bag), also called Mama Karpei
  • Begin building your Mesa Bag - Teachings about the Mesa Bag.  How to build power in your Mesa Bag for healing and how do you use it? 

  • Day Two -
  • Saminchakuy & Saywaychakuy
  • Inka Prophecies
  • Opening the Throat Eye - Mother Wind, Mother Moon & Stars
  • Using Kintus to release Hoocha from our Throat Eye
  • Opening the Magical Eye, Mystical Eye & 3rd Eye (Father Cosmos)
  • General Andean Philosophy
  • Yananchakuy - Ring of Power
  • Gather kuyas to continue building your Mesa Bag
  • Qarpay Ayni Ceremony - You will be initiated into the Inka lineage as a 4th Level “Paqo" by Angela Hart & then we will end with the Ceremony of Reciprocal Exchange of Personal Power.

Workshop Fee: $200. Please send 50% Deposit to register, Balance must be paid two weeks prior to class so that I have time to prepare.   Non-refundable two weeks prior to class.

Location: Huntsville, AL.

From our base classroom we will travel to various places in nature to learn how to work with the powerful beings of Water, Earth, Fire, Wind and Cosmos.  

If you are interested in holding shamanic classes in your town please contact me, I would be delighted! 

What to Bring: Notebook & Pen, beach towel to lie or sit on, sack lunch, snacks & drink for yourself, backpack, folding chair, bug repellent, wear clothing that is appropriate for being outdoors, sun hat, walking shoes.

Shamanic Journey Class

Sunday - January 26, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Location: Killen, AL * Home of Patsy Butler*

Please arrive Between 9:30-10:00 to be smudged, we begin class promptly at 10:00

Payment:  $100 per person - please send by paypal to

Saturday - February 8 - 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Location:  Dream Maker Shoppe, Huntsville, AL

Payment:  Please pay Dream Maker

What to Bring: Notebook & Pen, bandanna or eye mask, (optional: drum, rattle or instrument), mat/cushion or blanket/pillow to lie or sit on (chairs available, however for some people journeys seem to come easier when lying down), something to be charged on the altar, sack lunch, snacks & drink for yourself.

Class Description: This beginner class defines and explores the path of shamanism and what it is. We will briefly discuss what is a medicine wheel, what is acred space & how to create it, as well as creating an altar.  This class is based on the Michael Harner teachings from my teacher Sandra Ingerman.  Two basic steps will be taught in this beginner class, shamanic journeying and finding your power animal. These two steps are necessary before moving on to more advanced classes such as, Nature Spirit Allies, Shamanic Healing, and Soul Retrieval (now called Energy Retrieval). The more advanced classes will be taught in the South American Inka tradition.  In this basic class you will be journeying for yourself as well as others to obtain guidance from the spirit world. We will learn how to travel in non-ordinary reality to the Lower World, the Middle World & the Upper World. There will be group discussion regarding our journeys. I have found that when I learned how to do shamanic journeys in the North American tradition it really empowered & enhanced my abilities in the South American tradition.  The two go together very well. This is where the Prophesy of the Eagle & the Condor meet in my life (referring the prophecy when North America meets South America)

Shamanism is an ancient nature-based system that has been handed down from our ancient ancestors.  It brings healing, wisdom, & self-empowerment to the practitioner and to the community.  The ancient shamans believed that everything in the Universe is interconnected as a web or network of living energy.  Since Ancient times there have always been Shamans in every culture and even today Shamans exist.  They are the women & men of spiritual knowledge in their community who partner with nature and dedicate their lives to healing. On the Andean Path the two most important jobs a Paqo (shaman) has is removing hoocha (heavy energy) and "pushing the Kawsay Pacha" (pushing the world of living energy by learning how to work in partnership with the forces of Earth, Fire Air, Water & Cosmos).  Shamans can travel into non-ordinary reality and see into the spirit world to answer questions. They can see energy configurations and the spirit blueprint of things that are in the material world.  When help is requested from the community, the Shaman is called upon.  Perhaps to administer an herbal tonic or to tell the person what he or she sees about their illness or situation.  A true Shaman works with their intuition (belly eye) & through their heart.  They channel the forces of nature and are partners with the forces of nature when doing healing work.  To have a healthy, happy  life a person must have power.  If they don't have power they cannot make things happen.  They cannot heal.  By practicing shamanism the practitioner receives healing & power from nature.  They gain personal power to heal themselves and to create what they want in their lives.  Then they teach others how to do the same.


Advanced - Shamanic Healing (TBA 2021)

Now that you know who your spirit allies are in the natural world you will learn specific shamanic healing techniques to clear heavy energy from your own being, as well as others.

Advanced - Soul Retrieval  (TBA 2021)  (Now called Energy Retrieval)

Sometimes when we go through trauma we lose a part of ourselves. This class will introduce you to specific techniques to bring back those lost pieces of yourself if you feel you need them. And you will learn the art of Energy Retrieval for others.

Shamanic Tour Peru with Angela Hart 2021 TBA

Shamanic tour, classes, and energy transmission from all the sacred sites, Machu Pichu, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and Amuru Muru!  Gather more kuyas from these giant energy beings for your Mesa Bag!  Beginners & advanced practitioners welcome.  For more information please go to our other website at

Angela Hart
Experienced Shamanic Practitioner

Angela Hart

Experienced Shamanic Practitioner


Angela Hart has 30 years of studying healing techniques with indigenous people called Shamans.  Angela offers:

  • Shamanic healing sessions
  • Shamanic classes
  • Shamanic apprenticeship
  • Clearing spaces of heavy energy
  • Tarot/psychic readings for your life situations
  • Ceremonies

Please contact Angela Hart, Shamanic Practitioner in Huntsville, for further information or to make an appointment.

From a very young age Angela Joy Hart has been deeply immersed in studying the voices of the Ancient Ones, the living universe, nature, health, and healing techniques. For the several decades Angela has served as a shamanic teacher/practitioner, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, drum Maker, and ordained minister.  

In the year 2000 Angela was initiated as a 4th Level “Paqo” By Andean Teacher Elizabeth Jenkins. As of 2019 Angela finished a 12 day teachers training in the Inka lineage with Elizabeth Jenkins and is authorized to teach it. Angela has also been initiated by Andean Teacher, Joan Wilcox, on the right and left hand side of the Q'ero Inka Andean Path lineage. Peruvian Paqo Juan Nunez del Prado is the teacher of Angela's two teachers and comes from a long lineage of teachers from the Andean path. She was able to spend a day with Juan and his teachings.  

Angela has taken classes with Sandra Ingerman and has continued to follow Sandra's teachings.  She has been trained by other various shamanic teachers in the Micheal Harner tradition.  

Angela has spent many years as an apprentice with other North American and South American traditional shamanic teachers.  She is a follower of Chief Golden Light Eagle & Grandmother Silverstar, indigenous Elders of the Star Knowledge family. In recent years Angela has served as a co-facilitator of Star Knowledge activities. 

In the late 90's/early 2000's Angela Hart was the owner of Peaceful Spirit Center in Huntsville, AL which served as a hub for studying various forms of ancient spiritual healing techniques & practices, such as shamanism, massage, reiki, rapid eye therapy, yoga, Thai Chi and meditation.  She was co-chair of the Alabama Green Coalition and a volunteer to help local organic farmers set up farmers markets in the the city of Huntsville.

Spiritual Travel ~   Angela's life path has taken her on many travels around the world to ancient sites.  She is dedicated to sharing the love of spiritual travel with others.   We offer custom, individual, and group travel tour packages to sacred ancient sites in far away countries & in this country.  Spiritual treks in the footsteps of the Ancients will awaken your spirit, refresh your body, and expand your mind.  We have trusted partners in other countries to give you the best experience.  English speaking spiritual guides & shamans are available.  Let Angela handle all the details of your dream trip so that you don't have to! Please feel free to contact Angela for more information about our tours.  

Angela believes that peace on our planet begins with each individual taking responsibility for the healing of his or her own heart & soul. Soulful experiences on the shamanic path bring us back to the memory that we are powerful beings of light and we are one with all that is. 



Angela Joy Hart Shamanic Practitioner